Anamaria Rigotto

Anamaria Rigotto is director of Casa de Fulô Prod, music agency, entertainment and content, located in Madrid, with a branch in Rio de Janeiro.

The businesswoman is graduated in Music at the Universidad Uni-Rio (BR) and specialized in Management in Marketing at Fundación Getúlio Vargas (BR). Anamaria worked as marketing manager and coordinator of projects and events at the Brazil Events agency and in 2013, founded casa de Fulô agency in Rio de Janeiro. She currently resides in Madrid, Spain, expanding the operations of Casa de Fulô Prod in the international market, mainly in Europe.

Ana Rigotto is the creator of festivals EXPERIA, Repique do Tambor, Sunset Instrumental, Kids On The Rocks and IBEROEXPERIA, in addition to co-producing associated events such as Rio Music Marketing (BR), Midem Latam (BR) and EIMIM – Encuentro de Mujeres in the Musical Industry (ES).

Cynthia Takamoto

Cynthia Takamoto is a cultural producer specializing in artist booking. Graduated in Performing Arts, she has extensive experience in sales, having already been manager and owner of stores. She worked as Installation Manager for Carioca Arenas at the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games and as Coordinator at COMLURB, coordinating and producing corporate action projects and campaigns related to sustainability and environmental education. Cynthia was also production coordinator for advertising films, such as “Separe, não Pare” – about the Selective Collection at Parque Villa Lobos- SP; Production of the advertising film Bar da Boa – Antártica; Production of the Banco Santander Christmas Campaign, among others. Currently, he works in the sale, executive production of shows and fundraising for the Casa de Fulô Prod festivals.

Simone Braz

Master in Ethnic Racial Relations by Cefet-Rj with the research of dissertation BLACK WOMEN AND CULTURAL PRODUCTION: RACE AND GENDER. Communicologist and Cultural Producer formed in Federal University of Bahia. She has experience in Cultural Production area, working in the stages of pre production, production and post production of artistic projects such as: 2nd Black (Rj), 4th Afro Award (Rj), and in Cultural Management by the Coordination of Espaço Cultural Cine Teatro Boa Vista (Ba) and Management for the Emú Group (Mercedes and ULTRAJADO shows – A NEGRA occupation – RJ). In executive production, she with music, theater and dance projects (Bando de Teatro Olodum-BA, Dance Collective Movasse-BH), music (Show Neila Kadhi / Festival Clipes e Bandas – Rj, Banda André Sampaio & Os Afromandinga: Mandinga Jams and Kilombo Groove – Rj, SOLAR de Virote Festival – Salvador, Shows 10th Cultural Market – Salvador). Currently, Simone is producer at Casa de Fulô, responsible for public and private cultural subsidies and administrative sector of the company.

Casa de Fulô Prod

Casa de Fulô Prod is a cultural production and content creation agency, that develops its own projects, such as the festivals SUNSET INSTRUMENTAL (Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro), EXPERIA (Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and São Paulo), REPIQUE DO TAMBOR (Brasília) and IBEROEXPERIA (São Paulo and Madrid), in addition to collaborating in the co-production of associated events, such as Rio Music Market (Rio de Janeiro), MIDEM Latam (Rio de Janeiro) and EIMIM – Meeting of Women in the Music Industry (Madrid).

In addition, the company provides consultancy services for the development of artistic careers, management and booking at national and international level, with a focus on Jazz and World Music. Represents the artists Virgínia Rodrigues (Brazil), El Gato Negro (Colombia / France) and World Percussion Ensemble (Germany, Japan, Cameroon, Brazil and Slovakia).

Founded and directed by businesswoman Anamaria Rigotto, who currently resides in Spain, Casa de Fulô has offices in Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.

Casa has an attentive and experienced staff. Delicate fulôres, but with blood in the eyes and passion to create and provide incredible experiences through music and entertainment.