One of the most successful pop artists in Brazil and who in the summer of 2023 was at festivals such as Roskilde, Sines, Horizonte, as well as venues in London, Lisbon, Holland, Madrid and Berlin, Marina Sena returns more daring than ever with her second album “Vício Inerente” that she will present in Europe in the summer of 2024.

There is something genuinely Brazilian about Marina Sena that is difficult to translate. It’s in her music, in the way she sings, speaks and moves on stage.

Marina Sena has shown that she is here to stay. The artist’s sharp and unmistakable timbre have met a perfect aesthetic and dazzling sensuality. Sold-out concerts, magazine covers, awards, television shows and international tours became a routine in the life of Marina, who knew from a young age that she was destined to be a pop star.

Their second album, “Vício Inerente“, which is available on music apps through Sony Music, is a modern pop album. There is trap, pagotrap, reggaeton, drill, R&B, Triphop, Soul and the well-known influence of Brazilian popular music that Marina brings to her compositions. It is striking, strong and elegant with the same authentic and daring signature that the singer is already known for.

Style: Brazilian Popular Music / Pop / Alternative

Territories: Portugal and Spain

Available: Summer 2024

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