The multicultural group AYOM presents Sa. Li. Va., a celebration of mestizo music. An experience beyond origin, gender, race and ideology.

AYOM is formed by musical navigators who cross the Black Atlantic on a spiritual and energetic journey through the African diaspora, mixing languages ​​and rhythms of black cultures. With the Brazilian singer-songwriter Jabu Morales at the helm. 

The next album by the group, which incorpore songs in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian, is Sa.Li,Va, an acronym that summarizes the three souls present in AYOM’s music: SA.grada LI.bre and VA.liente. Saliva is in everyone’s mouth and, unlike languages ​​that separate people, saliva connects people and also has the same meaning in most European latin languages.

Always inclined to swing, AYOM’s music mixes rhythms such as Baião, Maracatu, Congado and Candomblé. With a sound inspired by the rhythms of the African diaspora and the Black Atlantic, the group creates original and attractive music, where people from different cultural backgrounds meet in a magical moment of celebration.

AYOM were present at more than 50 festivals, including Womad Cáceres, Amsterdam Roots Fest, La Mercé, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Transmusicales, in addition to receiving the Best Group and Best 10 Album awards from Songlines Magazine.

Style: Brazilian Popular Music / Tropical / Lusophone / Afro

Territories: Portugal and Spain

Available: All year 2024

Travel crew: 7 pax