Created by Casa de Fulô Prod, for 3 years, the EXPERIA Festival presented a panorama of contemporary Brazilian music, with a careful selection of innovative artists. Throughout the editions in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, EXPERIA promoted a series of meetings between artists from the new scene, who share a taste for the use of technologies, fusion of new musical languages ​​and other innovations.

In October 2020, EXPERIA arrives at the Memorial da América Latina, in São Paulo, with a new proposal: to expand these meetings, which until then were only Brazilians, to meetings between artists from Latin America.

The festival will also feature the Latin Gastronomy Fair, with typical cuisine from different countries represented by important and renowned chefs.

Talks will also take place, bringing together opinion makers from different segments and countries, discussing topics such as art, politics, behavior, creative entrepreneurship, immigration, social inclusion and environmental awareness in Latin America. Different cultures and peoples with the same objective, which is, through dialogue and knowledge sharing and from different points of view, to create means and conditions for us to live in a better world.

In total, there will be 6 Talks, Latin Gastronomy Fair with chefs from at least 8 Latin American countries, 4 audiovisual installations, 6 DJs, 12 shows and 6 musical meetings. The evening will end with traditional parties of the city of São Paulo, receiving Latin DJs.

Meeting between bands, DJs, VJs, thinkers and chefs from Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.