World Percussion Ensemble is a fantastic world band. Formed by musicians from four continents, WPE is an invitation to access our ancestry, sharpening our sense of belonging to the same universe through music. The perfect mix of music from each continent with European jazz.

The show is led by the vibrant singing and melodic voice of the singer and multi instrumentalist Njamy Sitson, from Republic of the Cameroon, added to the virtuosity of the pianist Walter Lang, from Germany. Directly from Japan, the sound of Taiko drums by the percussionist Takuia Taniguchi is supported by Peter Cudec’s bass, from Slovakia. Marco Lobo, one of the most requested percussionists in Brazil, completes the team, surprising the audience as a percussion magician.

Musical encounter of different roots, resulting in an exquisite explosion of rhythms and sounds. Sound universe where music has no geographical or cultural boundaries. To listen, feel and witness the performance of this group is to travel the path of the unusual.