The singer released her fifth album, Mama Kalunga in 2015. In 2016, the CD was nominated for Best Album at the 27o Prêmio da Música Brasileira, and Virgínia received the award for Best Female Singer in the MPB category. In 2017, Virgínia will commemorate her 20-year career with a show in Curitiba followed by shows all over Brazil. For 2018, the artist is preparing tours of Europe in April and of the United States in October.

A Bahian woman telling the world about her people and her religion: an expanding diaspora, translated into the voice of a great artist. Virgínia Rodrigues – a centrifugal force – shaking up the songs of black people, in times of war.

With her unparalleled musical sophistication, together with her simplicity and intense energy on stage, she electrifies audiences with her powerful, velvety voice, telling the world about her people and her religion. Virgínia presents the show of her album MAMA KALUNGA that pays homage to African culture.

MAMA KALUNGA pays homage to the African roots that resonate through the diaspora of the black people. Interpreting songs linked to the Orixás, Virginia presents her own interpretation of the Afro-Brazilian’s complex, multifaceted legacy.

Leonardo Mendes and Bernardo Bosísio (guitar), Yura Ranevsky (cello) and Marco Lobo and Sebastian Notini  (percussion) always accompany the artist on stage. The repertoire features work by black composers from different generations and places. After visiting Abigail Moura, it moves on to composers such as Geraldo Filme, Moacir Santos, Nei Lopes, Paulinho da Viola, Roberto Mendes, Nizaldo Costa and Ederaldo Gentil, before arriving at contemporaries such as Gilson Nascimento and Tiganá Santana.

Virgínia’s celestial voice ranges from the popular to the erudite. Márcio Meirelles of the Bando de Teatro Olodum discovered the artist Vírginia Rodrigues in 1997 and it was during one of the groups’ plays, that Caetano Veloso saw her for the first time, launching Virgínia from Salvador to the world.

The story of Virgínia Rodrigues, the singer from Bahia, became so well known internationally that American journalists nicknamed her the Brazilian Cinderella. An ex-manicurist, in the year that followed the release of her debut album, SOL NEGRO, she toured the United States twice and performed shows in Europe. Her first album, SOL NEGRO, produced by Celso Fonseca, featured participations by Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento and Djavan and gained positive reviews in The Times, Le Monde and Rolling Stone. In NÓS, her second album, with artistic production by Caetano Veloso, Virgínia pays homage to Salvador’s Afro blocks. The partnership with Caetano continued in her third work, MARES PROFUNDOS, launched simultaneously in Europe by the Edge label, belonging to the German recording company, Deutsche Grammophon. In 2008, she launched the album, RECOMEÇO, presenting Brazilian songbook classics in a chamber music mood. In 2014, Virgínia launched her fifth album, MAMA KALUNGA, with artistic direction by Tiganá Santana and musical direction by Sebastian Notini. It was nominated for Best Album at the 27o Prêmio da Música Brasileira, and Virgínia received the award for Best Female Singer in the MPB category.

One of the most respected artists on the International Jazz and World Music Festival circuit, the artist toured France and Morocco in 2016 and will tour the United States and Europe between 2017 and 2018.

As well as the show Mama Kalunga, the artist, who completes two decades of career in 2017, will be doing a commemorative tour this year, performing a compilation of her most successful interpretations over the years. The show 20 ANOS DE CARREIRA – VIRGÍNIA RODRIGUES presents her trajectory, from when she was first discovered by Caetano Veloso and released her debut album SOL NEGRO, right up to her present work MAMA KALUNGA.




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