Afro-Brazilian diva VIRGÍNIA RODRIGUES is on tour with her new album, Cada Voz é uma Mulher (Each Voice is a Woman), in which the singer builds dialogues between composers from Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola. Compositions by Sara Tavares, Mayra Andrade, Aline Frazão, Lena Bahule and Luedji Luna, among others. Portuguese speaking women songwriters who are connected through ancestry and music.

Virgínia Rodrigues ignores hierarchies in her transition between popular and classical music. His heavenly voice is accompanied by the acoustic bass of João Taubkin, the percussion of Cauê Silva, the guitar of Leonardo Mendes, the clarinet and clarinet of Joana Queiroz. Artistic direction of Tiganá Santana.

The artist performed at the Wassermusik Black Atlantic Revisited (Germany); The World Festival of Sacred Music in Fez (Morocco) and also in venues such as the Quai Branly Museum (France), Barbican (England), the Lisbon Coliseum (Portugal), among others