The composer and percussionist, Marco Lobo, is well known throughout Brazil and the World. After performing with artists such as Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Marisa Monte, Billy Cobham and Marcus Miller, the artist decided to concentrate on his own projects: Eu Vim da Bahia, World Percussion Ensemble, YAMÍ MUSIC and the Marco Lobo Quintet.

He began his artistic career at the age of 14 in his native city, Salvador, playing with Abel Lobo, Jorge Zarath, Banda Beijo, Gerônimo, Margareth Menezes, Armandinho Macêdo and Dodô and Osmar. When he was 20, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he performed in shows with instrumental artists such as Leo Gandelman, Marco Pereira, João Carlos Assis Brasil and with singers such as Elba Ramalho, Marisa Monte, Vanessa da Mata, Ivan Lins, Maria Bethânia, Lenine, Ana Carolina, João Bosco, Gilberto Gil, Titãns, Milton Nascimento and Mariene de Castro.

Over the course of his career, he has recorded with Margareth Menezes (“Margareth Menezes”/1988), Djavan (“Coisa de acender”, 1994), Totonho Villerroy (“Trânsito”/1995), Sérgio Mendes (“Oceano”, 1996), Marisa Monte (“Barulhinho Bom”/1996), Quarteto em Cy (“BateBoca”/1997), Ana Carolina (“Ana Carolina”/1999), Banda Beijo (“Meu nome é Gil”/1999), Jussara Silveira (“Canções de Caymmi”/1998), Maria Bethânia (“Imitação da Vida”/1998 and “Maricotinha”/2001), Lenine (“Na pressão”/1999), Ivan Lins (“Um novo tempo”/2000), Ivete Sangalo (“Ivete Sangalo”/2000), João Bosco (“Na esquina (ao vivo)”/2001), Titãs (“A melhor banda de todos os tempos”/2001), Simone (“Seda pura”/2001), Virgínia Rodrigues (“Mares profundos”/2003). He also recorded for the songbooks of Antônio Carlos Jobim (volumes II and IV/2002). From 1999 to 2010, he was part of Milton Nascimento’s band, recording the CDs “Crooner” (1999) and “Pietá” (2003) with them, as well as “Milton and Gil” (2000), with Milton Nascimento and Gilberto Gil.

Branching out on his own, he released an instrumental CD solo, Aláfia in 2007, which explores experimentalism and ranges across various Brazilian rhythms. In 2010 he released the album Marco Lobo and in 2011 the album Bahia – Marco Lobo e Convidados.

IN 2011, he joined the WORLD PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE. A fantastic world band created in 2014, with musicians from all continents, producing a vibrant, impactful show with an energizing medley of different roots and cultures, exploding in rhythms and sounds of the world. Five excellent, instrumental artists who, performing together, despite their different origins, make us feel that music and emotion have no borders.  Inviting us to travel along a different path, connecting with our ancestors and heightening a sense that all people belong to the same universe. The performance is conducted by the melodic voice of Njamy Sitson (Cameroon Republic). The “Brazilianess” of Marco Lobo (Brazil) on percussion aligns with the precision of the piano of Walter Lang (Germany) and the sonority of the drums of Takuia Taniguchi (Japan), is brilliantly supported by the bass of Peter Cudec (Slovakia).

IN 2014, Marco created the project EU VIM DA BAHIA, Eu Vim da Bahia, a project by Marco Lobo the percussionist, presents the songbook of Bahia, in all its wide variety and musical arrangements, in acoustic format. The host of the night, incorporates the Brazilian’s rhythmic soul into his ancestral heritage in a unique way and welcomes on stage impressive Bahians such as: Margareth Menezes, Virginia Rodrigues, Saulo Fernandes, Tiganá Santana, Luiz Brasil, Mariene de Catro, Jussara Silveira and Márcia Castro. The band is made up of Marco Lobo (percussion), Adalberto Miranda (bass) and Rafael Vernet (keyboard), who together and in singular fashion, unite the rhythmic soul of the Brazilian with his ancestral heritage. The importance of Bahian culture in the formation of Brazilian national identity is undisputable. EU VIM DA BAHIA strives to renew and preserve, high quality Brazilian music. Exalting the ancestral heritage and rhythmic culture of Bahia, the repertoire is composed of music by great composers that, Bahian or not, capture the essence of the place. Dorival Caymmi, Gilberto Gil, Roque Ferreira, João Gilberto, Saulo Fernandes, Baden Powell, among others.

In 2015, he formed the MARCO LOBO QUINTETO, accompanied by Kiko Continentino (piano), Widor Santiago (sax), Gastão Villeroy (bass) and Erivelton Silva (drums). Musicians of the highest quality, they have long experience performing with the great names of MPB and for innumerable national and international events.

The repertoire focuses on records by Marco Lobo, with compositions by Widor Santiago, Kiko Continentino, Marco Lobo and Gastão Villeroy, as well as Milton Nascimento classics. The sound is quintessential Brazil, ranging through Jazz, Maracatú, Samba, Baião and Balada. The quintet has performed at various festivals in Brazil, such as Festival BB Seguridades (Brasilia and São Paulo), with special appearances by David Liebman and Billy Cobham, Piri Jazz in Fortaleza, FAM in São Paulo, Festival de Jazz de Tiradentes, Conexão Rio, Vi Jazz Viçosa and Belo Horizonte, among others. A versatile musician, Marco has variations of his quintet in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Munich and Brussels, always accompanied by the best instrumentalists in the region, as well as smaller duo (piano and percussion) and trio (piano, percussion and acoustic bass) formats. 

In 2018, Marco Lobo and the Italian cellist Federico Puppi meet on their new project YAMÍ MUSIC that promotes the union between cello and percussion in live beats with performances in a vibrant show to listen, watch and dance.

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