Conceived and produced by Casa de Fulô, the first edition of the Circuito Repique do Tambor, took place from the 17th to the 20th of November 2016, at the Caixa Cultural in Brasilia. Bringing together great names of Brazil’s percussion world, the Festival featured Olodum, Ilê Aiyê, Raquel Coutinho, André Sampaio and Afromandinga, Maíra Freitas, B Negão, Marco Lobo and Mariene de Castro.

The circuit also hosted rhythm workshops with the greatest masters of the genre: Candomblé with Ney de Oxosse (RJ); Congado with Maurício Tizumba (MG); Maracatu with Mestre Walter de França (PE) and a percussion Workshop with Olodum (BA).

As the drum is universal, a source of connection between global villages, the idea is to dive deeply into popular culture, valuing, highlighting and recording our Afro-Brazilian rhythms, origins and traditions. Where there is a drumbeat there is joy, colour, magic, sound, dance, ancestry and wisdom!



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