Cultural production with emphasis on great music

The Casa De Fulô is an agency specialized in cultural production, with focus on music. The company was started by the entrepreneur Anamaria Rigoto, that provides services such as artist management, idealization and executive production of cultural events and music festivals. With a well-prepared and well-informed team, good partners and the best suppliers on the market, the Casa de Fulô strives for excellence in musical production.

As well as managing the career of artists such as Virgínia Rodrigues and Marco Lobo, the company has its own festival projects, for example: SUNSET INSTRUMENTAL (Belo Horizonte), Festival EXPERIA (Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia), CIRCUITO REPIQUE DO TAMBOR (Brasilia) and KIDS ON THE ROCKS (Rio de Janeiro).

Casa de fulô’s recent projects:

Virginia Rodrigues’ artist management and production coordination of the show MAMA KALUNGA, by Virgínia Rodrigues, in Brasil, Paris (New Morning) and Morocco (Fez Festival) in May 2016 and pre-production of the tour in France, Belgium and Spain, planned for April 2018;

Marco Lobo’s artist management and production coordination of the show EU VIM DA BAHIA and MARCO LOBO QUINTETO, by Marco Lobo in 2016 at the SESC Prainha (Florianopolis), with participations by Tiganá Santana, Juçara Silveira, Luiz Brasil and Margareth Menezes and at the Festival Circuito Repique do Tambor (Brasilia), with participation by Mariene de Castro. In 2017 at the Verão SESC Santa Catarina, with participation by Mariene de Castro (Praias Pinheiras, Ingleses and Balneário de Piçarras) and at the SESC Belenzinho (SP), hosting Márcia Castro and Virgínia Rodrigues;

Idealization and production coordination of the festival Circuito Repique do Tambor, in November 2016, at the Caixa Cultural Brasilia, which featured Olodum, Ilê Ayiê, Mariene de Castro, among others.

Idealization and production coordination of the 1st Sunset BH Instrumental in August 2016 at the Municipal Park of Belo Horizonte. Pre-production of the 2nd Sunset BH Instrumental that took place in October 2017, featuring Carlos Malta, Pife Muderno, Lenine, PlanOrquestra and Tulipa Ruiz;

Idealization and coordination of the 1st edition of the Festival Experia 2016, in August 2016, in Brasilia, featuring Ava Rocha, Lira, Anelis Assumpção, Marcelo Jeneci, Ana Cañas, Raquel Coutinho, Mihay, Lira and Karina Bhur;

Idealization and coordination of the 2nd Festival Experia 2017, from June 2nd to 11th, in Rio de Janeiro, featuring Mariana Aydar, Otto, Duda Brack, Mihay, Lucas Santtana, Juçara Marçal, Posada, Anelis Assumpção, Gui Amabis, Juliana Perdigão, Lira and Siba;

Pre-production of the Festival Experia 2018, which will take place in February, in Brasilia.

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